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Rubber Reclaim

Rubber Reclaim
Rubber Reclaim
Product Code : 04
Product Description
We manufacture and export perfectly processed reclaimed rubber. It shows excellent workmanship and finest material. 

M.S.D.S. (Material Safety Data Sheet) for Reclaimed Rubber

1. Identification of the substance & manufacture Product: Reclaimed Rubber

Material Trade Name: KR 
HS Code: 4003000
Manufacturer: Kapoor Oil Mills, DSIIDC Bawana Industrial Area, New Delhi 

2. Composition: Polymer content: 50-60%, Carbon Black: 27±3, and Filler: 7±2. 

3. Identification of Hazards: According to the EEC criteria, this product is not hazardous to human health & environment.

4. First aid measures: Not considered as a serious health risk. 

5. Fire fighting measures: All of the common extinguishing media are permitted. It may release toxic fumes in the fire: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. Use protective equipments with self-contained breathing equipment. 

6. Accidental release measures: Not expected.

7. Handling & Storage: No need of special precautions. Should be stored in dry & cool place, away from ignition sources. 

8. Exposure Controls & Personal Protection:

Ventilation: Exhaust system / ventilation is necessary to minimize the exposures.
Respiratory Protection: It may be required to minimize the exposures to gases / vapors.    
Eye Protection: No specific measures required. 
Hand Protection: Use gloves, and avoid contact with the skin.  
Other Protection: A source of clean water should be available for flushing eyes & skin. Wash hands with soap & water, before eating and work end.

9. Stability/Reactivity: No specific data for this product. 

10. Toxicological information: No particular data for this product. 

11. Ecological information: Insoluble in water, Non-hazardous.   

12. Disposal consideration: Always consult with applicable local authority, before disposal. Storage accommodation should be at below 60°C.

13. Transport Information: Not hazardous according to ADR / RID / IMDG / ICAO / ADN.

14. Transport Information: EC Label is not categorized. 

15. Standards: Under E.U. legislation & T.S.C.A. regulations. 

16. Other Information:      

Appropriate precautionary measures should be taken. Necessary industrial safety measures should comply with the existing legislation. The aforesaid data is true & correct to the best of our knowledge. The safety data sheet describes the product in terms of its safety essentials. The given details do not express any guarantee concerning properties, composition or performance.


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