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We believe in providing farmers with Affordable High Quality Goods.

Agri Cow Mats Suppliers

Our Agri cow mats are manufactured to provide all farm animals with a cleaner and comfortable place. Kapoor Oil Mills is notable among the most illustrious Agri Cow Mats Manufacturers In India. Addition of cow mats to your facility will make it healthier and safer for your cattle. Soft flooring is capable of preventing various conditions like arthritis in your cows. Our products go through multiple quality checks to ensure that not even a single mat has a crack or any other problem which can pose a tripping hazard. So, allow your cows to rest well and be at ease.


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Why Our Agri Cow Mats?

  • Better Hygiene - These mats don’t allow any development of bacteria and are also easy to clean which also leads to better hygiene.
  • Eco-Friendly - These mats are made from recycled material and that is why they are environment-friendly.
  • Healthy Cattle - Better hygiene and optimum comfort ensure that your animals stay healthy than ever before.


Our name is taken among the eminent Agri Cow Rubber Mats Exporters and Suppliers in India. We have always delivered our products within the stipulated time and, this has helped us in retaining most of our clients. Call now and be one of our happy customers.


Agri Mats are designed and manufactured in many patterns, thicknesses and dimensions by using of Grade-A recycled rubber that ensure their anti-abrasive, density, high tensile strength, high insulation and hardness. As a result, these provide great comfort and protect from bacterial infection, shock, & coldness to animal. Convenient to maintain, these also supports in making better the production of milk and health of cattle. Moreover, we offer Agri Mats at a reasonable prices in secured packaging.

Key Points:

  • Removes the humidity and cold from the floors
  • Eliminates the risk of fall accidents
  • Remain smooth even after long usage
  • Act as slip-resistant material
  • Prevents them from various diseases



Vulcanized rubber cow mat flooring


1150mm x 1800mm
1000mm x 1000mm


35kg - 53kg


17mm - 25mm




Hammer, Penny Grip, Hexagonal Design


Honeycomb, Stud pattern & with Foam