How Can Poorly Designed Cubicles Be Dangerous For Cows?

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For a dairy farmer, the protection of cow is the prior-most responsibility, and they do not leave any stone unturned in order to achieve the goal of making their cows comfortable and ensuring their health. If you are one of those farmers and aimed towards the health of your cattle, you must invest in cubicles. Kapoor Oil Mills holds the position of one of the trusted Cow Plastic Cubicles Manufacturers as we are persistent about serving the highest quality to the customers.


If you are trying to save some bucks and buying the cheap cubicles from a non-reputed maker, you are actually jeopardizing the safety and health of the cattle. Poorly designed cubicles make situations worse due to the following reasons:Cow Steel Cubicles


  • It can lead to poor occupancy
  • Increases the risk of udder diseases
  • The cattle can suffer through lameness
  • It can be physically damaging to the cows
  • In almost every case, it reduces the comfort level


Hence, these reasons are strong enough to stop you from investing in a bad or cheap pair of cubicles. We are one of the eminent Cow Steel Cubicles Manufacturers that have the capability to make and supply industry-leading products, and the rates we will charge won’t drill a hole in your pocket. For any further queries, feel free to contact us through mail or call. Our customer care representatives will solve all your queries in an instant and help you with making a better buying decision.