Reasons Why Cow Mats Have Direct Impact On Dairy Production

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Cow Rubber MatsAre you in dairy farming industries? Do you have the responsibility to take care of cow in your shed? If yes, then you should invest in cow mats for your cow barns. Kapoor Oil Mills, being one of the leading Cow Rubber Mats Manufacturers bring the best quality that will offer comfort to the cow and boost up your productivity for good. Don't get confused, read on to know more.

  • Relaxation Speeds Up Production – The cows need to have proper rest of at least twelve hours in order to accelerate the milk production, as the blood circulation increases by 30 per cent with a proper rest session. Standing or sleeping in rough surface may not let them as comfortable as a mat, thus, you should make this purchase.
  • Health Of The Cattle – Shorter rest sessions will not only affect the milk production but it will also lead to a degrading health status of the cows. Lesser hours spent sleeping and resting stops them regaining energy and leads to serious health issues such as arthritis and more. For the good care of them, you should buy these mats.

You can save the cows’ health and increase the dairy production with just one little investment that you make in cow mats. If you have set up your mind to buy this product, reach only one of the recognised Dairy Cow Mats Manufacturers like Kapoor Oil Mills. We have our name in the industry because we serve what our clients deserve only the "BEST". Explore our range and send us your enquiry to know more.

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