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Why Should I Go For Rubber Flooring In Stables?

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The stable owners have multiple responsibilities upon their shoulders. Taking care of the horses is no less than a task that you need to perform carefully. It is a well-known fact that healthy and comfortable stallions breed perform well, even their life-term tends to increase if provided with comfortable living standards.

Flooring is one of the most pivotal and sometimes most underrated aspects affecting the health and comfort level in a stable. The stable-owners would know that horses take rest in standing position only and all their body’s pressure is put on the feet. If the floor on which they are standing is rough, it will be harsh on their foot and the pain could increase. The rubber mats offered by Kapoor Oil Mills is a perfect solution for the stables due to multiple reasons. We are one of the leading Horse Stable Mats Manufacturers who makes sure that the buyers are provided with impeccable products.

The following benefits will be offered by the rubber mats installation in stables:

  • Cheap Bedding Solutions – The cushion beds might be a softer option, but, indubitably they are a burden on the pocket. Rubber mats provide comfort, safety and insulation in the stables in a very considerable amount.
  • Saves Your Cleaning Time – The heavy beddings used by some stable owners are hard to clean and takes time to dry itself out. Not using any mats or bedding should not be a considerable option, as it increases the chances of germ-breeding. Use rubber mats to save the time taken to clean them and also they dry up pretty quickly.
  • Generates Little Waste – As the rubber used in the making of these mats is durable, it doesn’t rip off after a considerable amount of wear and tear, it results in a little generation of waste.

As one of the top Rubber Safety Mats Manufacturers, we can promise to provide an enormous range of mats that will go on for a long time and make your stallions feel comfortable. Call us to fix the deal.

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