Why Stainless Steel Cubicles Are Better Than Wooden Cubicles?

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Cow’s welfare and health is a major concern and the foremost priority of dairymen and stable owners. Their whole business and productivity revolve around the cows and thus, it is pivotal to take good care of them. Cow cubicles facilitate housing a large number of cows living in a shelter by dividing the area equally. It consists of a reinforced steel frame, rubber mates, fiber sheds/shelter and other required material for the comfort and welfare of the cows. You must have understood the eminence of this product through the information given above. But, buying these cubicles from anywhere is not a good choice. Make your purchase from one of the leading Cow Steel Cubicles Manufacturers, Kapoor Oil Mills to get the best return of your investment.


There are multiple materials with which cubicles are made and it confuses the buyer as to which product to go for. We are here to clear up your confusion by proving why stainless steel cubicles are far better than the wooden ones.

  • Wooden cubicles become weaker after a short duration as it is not resistant to water and termite. On the other hand, the SS Cubicles remain sturdy even after years as they are not only resistant to termite or water, but also to corrosion as well.
  • Cleaning of wooden products is not at all easy. The dirt molecules can penetrate deep inside the wooden cubicles and may harm the health of the cows. Apparently, cleaning of stainless steel can be done easily and thus, it is a better product for cows in terms of health as well.


As cleared by the points above, SS Cubicles are better than the wooden ones; you can make your purchase of these products from one of the zealous Cow Cubicles Manufacturers - Kapoor Oil Mills. We are diligent towards our customers’ diverse needs and thus, provide them with impeccable items under a short time.

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