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Calf Feeder Teat is one of the efficient ways you can feed your calves. It is the way better and healthier option to feed calves than bucket feeding. This is because when calves drink-through sucking, their digestive hormones are released that begin nutrients absorption and make them feel fuller. However, to ensure their good health, you need to invest in the right and food-grade product that Kapoor Oil Mills – one of the best Calf Feeder Teat Manufacturers brings to you.

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Why Our Offered Calf Feeder Teats?

  • Calf Teats that we offer are made at our in-house facility by using only food-grade material, which ensures their safety and keeps them protected.
  • Feeding with these teats will fulfil the stomach as well as sucking need of calves both.
  • Moreover, they are non-toxic and can be sterilized after use to maintain hygiene.
  • They are built to last and available in bulk quantities to meet diverse customer needs.
  • These may increase milk allowance, which satisfies their sucking needs and prevent sucking inappropriate surfaces or fixtures.
  • Also, it ensures that calves drink slowly and to the fullest.
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