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We believe in providing farmers with Affordable High Quality Goods.

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Cow mats don’t have to cost a fortune to last a long time. Kapoor Oil Mills is the name to remember if you are looking for long-lasting and reliable cow mats. We are counted among the most respected Cow Farm Mats Manufacturers In India and the reason is the optimum quality of our products. It is time to think about the comfort of your cows and there is nothing better than our soft mats for it. Whether you are a farmer or work in a dairy plant, adding them to your stall will significantly boost the production and lead to profits.


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Advantages Of Adding Our Dairy Farm Cow Mats To Your Cattle Stall:

  • Increased Comfort - Our mats offer unrivalled comfort to cows, they will maintain a comfortable environment and provide non-slippery looring.
  • Safety - These mats are made from soft material to ensure that cows do not sustain any injury while living in the shed.
  • Sturdiness - They are very strong in their design and this makes sure that they last for a long time.


We are counted among the renowned Cow Farm Mat Exporters and Suppliers In India. Give us a call right now to place your order.


According to a study, to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is essential for a cow to walk 1.7 to 2.3 miles on an average. Since the cow barns usually have slippery flooring, this being the reason, it is essential to use Dairy Farm Cow Mats for their proper comfort, so that they would not slip while walking on these mats. In order to achieve higher yield in dairy production, it is better to opt for top quality mats because comfortable cows will return more.

Key Points:

  • Removes the humidity and cold from the floors
  • Eliminates the risk of fall accidents
  • Remain smooth even after long usage
  • Act as slip-resistant material
  • Prevents them from various diseases

Specification : 


Vulcanized rubber cow mat flooring


1150mm x 1800mm
1000mm x 1000mm


35kg - 53kg


17mm - 25mm




Hammer, Penny Grip, Hexagonal Design


Honeycomb, Stud pattern & with Foam