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The comfort and health of cow have a direct impact on milk production and profitability and can only be achieved by serving them reliable flooring to sit and sleep. Looking for a comfortable solution for them to lie down on? Get yourself a high-grade cow mat made of good quality material and is comfortable enough to use for the cows. Kapoor Oil Mills – one of the best Cow Mats Manufacturers understands this concern and has the best range customized to your concrete requirements. No matter you want Dairy Mats / Cattle Mats / Farm Mats / Stall Mats / Buffalo Mats / Parlor Mats / Agri Mats / Dairy Flooring / Pit Mats, we have best quality available for you.

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Benefits Of Our Offered Rubber Cow Mats:

  • These mats are used in stalls, feeding yards, herd homes, and several other dairy application and known for serving insulation against the cold surface.
  • Cow Comfort Mats are not only designed to offer comfort but also helps in improving blood circulation in cow, which ensure their good health and boost milk production.
  • Moreover, a safe & stable mat with non-absorbent and the anti-bacterial surface will keep the germs and bacterial infection caused through it away.
  • Due to its property of offering maximum traction, these mats ensure anti-slip surface, which reduces risk of injuries, lameness and stress among cows.
  • A comfortable and hygienic environment will improve pregnancy productivity of cows and take care of their joint health.
  • Lastly, these mats ensure that your cows live in a clean, hygienic, sterile & odour-free environment.

Features Of Cow Mats:

  • These cow stable mats are environment-friendly since only recycled rubber is used throughout its production.
  • Highly durable and doesn’t get damaged from cow hooves, which ensure their long-life.
  • Moreover, they stay in the right quality and ends of these cow mats will not curl up.
  • Require very low maintenance, easy to clean and disinfect and generate no dust.
  • The fasteners come along with it for the fixing ensure better grip of the mats to the floor and help to create a heavy-duty surface for a larger number of cows to move safely around.


  • We provide 3-5 years of warranty for manufacturing defects only.

Specifications Available:

  1. Hammer Top / Honey Comb Bottom: Cow Mats
    • Dimension: 1150mm x 1800mm
    • Thickness: 23mm
    • Weight: 38 Kg
    • Fixtures Used: 8
    • Strength: 4mpa (can customize up to 6mpa on buyers demand)
    • Interlocking: 2 Sides
    • Can be loaded in 20ft Container: 500 mats on 12 pallets
    • Pozy Drive Counter sunk self-capping 2inch Length is used for fitting, which is as per A2DIN7982 and M10 Washer as per A2DIN125, and both are of stainless steel material, which keep rust and corrosion damage away.

              The specifications can be customized as per the requirements of the customers.


  1.      Hammer Top / Foam Bottom: High Comfort Mat
  • Dimension: 1150mm x 1800mm
  • Thickness: 26mm
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Fixtures used: 10
  • Strength: 4mpa (can customize up to 6mpa on buyers demand)
  • Interlocking: 2 sides
  • Can be loaded in 20ft Container: 408 mats on 12 pallets
  • In 40ft Container: 640 mats on 19 pallets (WITHOUT FOAM) and WITH FOAM: 20ft - 300 mats on 12 pallets, 40ft – 600 mats on 24 pallets

The specification can vary as per the customer demand.


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