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We believe in providing farmers with Affordable High Quality Goods.

Equine Mats Suppliers

If you are searching for the right Equine Mats Manufacturers In India, Kapoor Oil Mills is the company you need to contact. Our offered equine mats are good and available in stable condition. They are highly demanded in horse stables and shelters to offer protection to the animals from any injury due to slipping, unhygienic surroundings, etc.

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Here Are A Few Reasons To Invest In Equine Stall Mat:

  • Helps to maintain hygiene
  • Ensure good health of the horses
  • Reduces stress and lameness
  • Shock resistant
  • Improve joint and leg health
  • Maintain a comfortable environment
  • Offer better safety to the horses

Why Our Equine Stall Mats:

  • Made of good quality raw materials
  • High durable and reliable
  • Weave design to maintain good strength and grip over the surface
  • Available in different configurations

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If you have any query related to our products, feel free to get in touch. Being one of the preeminent Equine Stable Mats Exporters and Suppliers In India, we make sure that our product quality and their competitive market prices won’t dissatisfy you. Send us your email or give us a call now to get instant customer support.


Our association is offering the finest grade Horse Stable Mats, which are largely demanded in horse houses / shelters for the purpose of providing protection to them from bacteria attack, slipping, falling, injury, and various other injurious effects. These type of mats ensure healthy, comfortable and hygienic environment for horses, as they are made out of A-class vulcanized rubber with up-to-date casting techniques. These also helps in reducing stress & lameness, risk of shock, and making better joints & legs health. Clients can avail Horse Mats at customer-centric prices with simple payment options.

Benefits of Stable Mats :

  • Saves money over bedding cost (reduce the amount of shavings & straw) which means less waste, less work for you & less cost.
  • Provides insulation against cold surface & increases the comfort.
  • Keeps equine safe from germs & bacterial infection caused by them through its unique non-absorbent anti-bacterial surface.
  • Our mats are resistant to urine, manure & soft acid. They allow air flow.
  • Adequately resilient, provide softer, warmer cushioning that holds in the heat.
  • Provides traction & anti-slipping surface thus reduces the risk of serious injuries on hard & wet surface & minimizes swollen front knees & hocks.
  • Reduces lameness & stress from joint problems.
  • Easier on horse’s hooves & legs, decreases tendon & feet strain.
  • Reduction in shoe wear & muscle strain.
  • Dry non-odor retentive.
  • Interlocking mats can be accommodated in any size of stalls.
  • Affordable.
Durability of Stable Mats :
  • Environment friendly as made from high quality recycled rubber.
  • Durable, stays level (end will not curl up), resists damage from horse pawing & has a long life.
  • Low Maintenance, generates no dust, easy to clean & disinfect. 
 Specification : 


Vulcanized rubber stable mat flooring


6' x 4'


38kg - 44kg


17mm - 19mm




Hammer & Hard Bubble


Vertical Grooves