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A Feed Front is one of the major components used in the handling and caring of cows. It is designed mainly for calves and heifers and installed at a correct height. Using it will offer great freedom of movement for the cows and ease the work of feeding and get it done peacefully. It has heavy model self-locking safety feed front made of stainless steel material and comes in hot-dip galvanized coating. Kapoor Oil Mills – one of the trusted Feed Fronts Manufacturers has different products available to meet diverse customer demands.

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Major Features Of Feed Fronts:

  • Cattle Feed Front gives animals enough space to move freely
  • Comes with a locking system for efficient working
  • Made the feeding work easy without causing noise
  • Allow the entire group to access to feed at the same time
  • Angled Feed Fronts keep every cow stand at a good distance which prevents agitation
  • Heavy Duty Feed Front is robust and is ideal for calves and heifers
  • Feeder Fronts made the individual separation easy

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