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Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks

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Kapoor Oil Mills is renowned as one of the countable Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks Manufacturers and Exporters. The materials used in the making of the wheel chocks are of premium quality that ensure countable attributes such as high tensile strength and resistance to adverse conditions of wear and tear. The unmatched quality and excellent performance at the application areas have played an important role in enhancing the demands in the markets of America, Oceania and Europe.

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The main purpose of the Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks is to stop the vehicles from rolling. These wheel chocks are available in various sizes and specifications to meet the requirement of the buyers and application areas. Moreover, buyers are eased with the availability of the customized wheel chocks for heavy duty vehicles at market leading prices


  • Stopping vehicles
  • Prevent rolling of vehicle after stopping
  • These can also be used for trucks, trailers, small airplanes, RVs, dumpsters, boats, horse trailers, vans, and more to prevent your vehicle from rolling away.


  • Available as per buyers’ requirement.
  • Premium quality reflector used for clear night visibility
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