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Keep your stable tidy and organized with our exceptionally designed and developed stable solutions. Managing a horse stable demands lots of hard-work and equipment. We have helped multiple stable owners in keeping their horse in optimum condition. Kapoor Oil Mills is now known as one of the most trusted companies for Horse Solutions In India and counted as leading Horse Rubber Mats Manufacturers in India. So, whether you want to upgrade the entire stable, fix up a single stall or set up a new stable, we are the first and foremost choice for many people. Our outstanding products will not leave any room for complaints and you will be happy with the end result.

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With Our Horse Mats, You Can:

  • Keep It Simple - Our solutions will help you in keeping everything organized. It becomes really simple to manage your stable when everything is at its place.
  • Ensure Good Health Of Horses - When you provide a great environment to horses, they remain healthy for longer periods. So, give them the needed comfort.
  • Smart Management - These solutions will help you in minimizing feed waste and maximizing the hygiene.


Our company is the leader among the Horse Stall Mat Exporters and Suppliers In India. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Horse Mats have been designed for making things more safer and easier for the horses and riders. Generally, hard rubber is used for the production of the mentioned range of mats to render durability and reliability with the embedded mesh and patterned surfaces. Most of the stables usually have clay flooring that results in easy worn out and uneven surfaces from the center. The depression made requires lot of bedding to be filled and is usually the reason behind the development of bacteria and odor. This results in the uncomfortable living of the horses within those stables. Our offered array Rubber Stable Mats is the perfect choice for the stall with concrete and clay flooring and to avoid all the inconvenience that can occur.

Key Points:

  • Offers horses a comfortable surface to lie and stand on
  • Best solution for the secure and reliable flooring
  • Available with patterned tops for secure footing
  • Ridged bottoms to have proper sanitation