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Kapoor Oil Mills is one of the fastest-growing Horse Traffic Walkways Manufacturers that you can contact for different types of rubber flooring options, designed for keeping horses at great comfort. Our offered matting solutions are made of good quality material and design as per the specifications defined by our customers specifically for Horse Traffic Walkways / Walking Arenas. We can assure you of their quality because our team tests that several times before the final dispatching.

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Features Of Our Rubber Horse Traffic Walkways:

  • Made of rubber and offer a great level of comfort to the horses
  • Require low upkeep and are very easy to install and clean
  • Known for their durability and work well in all the conditions
  • Available in different customizations to meet different customer needs
  • Cost you lesser because of their competitive market prices


  1. Penny Top / Penny Bottom Or Penny Top / Hammer Bottom : Supreme Grip Mat
    • Dimension: 1000mm x 1000mm
    • Thickness: 15mm
    • Weight: 15kg
    • Fixtures used: 10
    • Strength: 4mpa (can customize up to 6mpa on buyers demand)
    • Interlocking: 4 sides
    • Can be loaded in 20ft Container: 1200mats on 20 pallets
  2. Penny Top / Penny Bottom
    • Dimension: 1000mm x 1000mm
    • Thickness: 22mm
    • Weight: 22kg
    • Fixtures used: 10
    • Strength: 4mpa
    • Interlocking: 4sides
    • Can be loaded in 20ft Container: 950mats on 20 pallets

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We are one of the trustworthy Horse Traffic Walkways Exporters and Suppliers In India. If you are interested and want to place your order, fill the enquiry form and send. Our experts will get back to assist you shortly. - Please Ask Once

Types Of Cubicles / Cow Stalls We Offer:

  • Cow Plastic Stalls
  • Cow Steel Stalls

Specifications Of Cow Plastic Cubicles/Stalls:

  • Dimension: 4ft width x 1.8mt / 2mt / 2.2mt Length
  • Steel Post Height: 1.8mt HOT DIP GALVANIZED
  • Pipe Material: Highly Flexible & Elastic plastic material
  • Thickness: 12.5mm
  • Fittings Used:
    • Rubber Coupling
    • Rubber Connector (Loop)
    • Connector Pipe
  • Operational Temperature: -10 to 50 ° C

Note: Size and specifications can be vary as per customer requirements.

Specifications Of Cow Metal Cubicles/Stalls:

  • Dimension: 4ft Width x 1800 mm Length
  • Pipe Thickness: 3mm (or as per customer requirement)
  • HOT DIP GALVANIZED (Zinc Platting) mild steel post, this will keep the cubicles protected against rust, corrosion or environmental damages.

Note: Different sizes are available on buyers demand and specifications will vary accordingly. - Please Ask Once

Our offered Slat Rubber Mats are available for calves and cows both and make custom style designs, based on concrete floor. - Please Ask Once


Our Horse Stable Mats come with 3-5 years of warranty on manufacturing defects.

Important Note:

There will be no warranty on mats being folded or any type of vehicle being driven over the mats.


  1. Hammer Top / Vertical Grooves Bottom:
  • Dimension: 6ft x 4ft
  • Thickness: (1/2’’)
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Can be loaded in 20ft Container: 646mats on 12 pallets
  1. Hammer Top / Vertical Grooves Bottom:
  • Dimension: 6ft x 4ft
  • Thickness: (3/4’’)
  • Weight: 36kg
  • Can be loaded in 20ft Container: 456mats on 12 pallets

Note: Interlock on 2/4 side is also available as per the buyer’s demand. - Please Ask Once

These mats are also named in different countries as Rubber Hollow Mats, Grass Mats, Rubber Outdoor Mats and Rubber Punching Mats.