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Horse Walker Mats are designed specifically for providing a safer flooring surface for horses. The benefits are not one or two but plenty, which makes the investment significant and unavoidable. Kapoor Oil Mills – one of the preeminent Horse Walker Mats Manufacturers have been engaged in manufacturing animal mats whose exclusive designs and properties meet the customer requirements.

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Main Reasons To Invest In Horse Walker Mats:

  • Offer more comfort to horses is the major benefit of Horse Walker Matting that makes it worth investing.
  • Keep the surface flat, non-slip, shock-absorbent and provide better traction that not only eases their movement but reduce the chances of injuries in them.
  • Being non-porous, this Horse Walker Flooring is very easy to clean and disinfect for a hygienic work and breeding environment.
  • Ensures the good health of horses and fit your stipulated budget.

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