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Horse Walker Tiles underneath provides excellent shock absorption, which reduces stress on horse joints and tendons and guarantees their good health for long and long. They are very easy to fit and available in different sizes, shapes and other configurations. Kapoor Oil Mills- one of the trusted Horse Walker Tiles Manufacturers has the best quality, available at the most affordable prices.

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Why Horse Walker Tiles?

  • Durable: Horse Walker Tile has sturdiness that maintains the grip of horses on the floor and half their chances of getting injured. This robustness ensures durability of the tiles while keeping animals protected.
  • Easy To Fit: This Horse Walker comes in inter-lock options, which eases their installation and fit perfectly in different spaces.
  • Cost-Lesser: Investing in Horse Paver Brick would not break your budget and give you value for money as well because of their cost-effective nature.


  • Dimension: 390mm x 390mm
  • Thickness: 26mm
  • Weight: 3.4(±.1)kg
  • Per Mtr. Sq: 6.5no.s
  • Can be loaded in 20’ Container: 5000peices on 20 pallets

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