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The comfort of your cows or any other animals directly affects their productivity. The more comfortable is your cow, the more milk you will get from it. Kapoor Oil Mills is a company that understands your needs and requirements deeply. This is why we have a wide variety of parlor mats to increase the comfort of your cattle and subsequently to increase your profits. Our dedication to deliver the best quality products has transformed us into one of the foremost Parlor Mats Manufacturers In India. Using Dairy Parlor Mat in your cattle stalls will allow your cattle longer periods of rest, which can increase the quantity of milk produced.

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Benefits Of Our Parlor Floor Mats:

  • Better Care - If you want to provide better care to your animals, then adding mats to stalls is one of the first things you should do.
  • Low Cost On Veterinaries - Animals getting sick again and again require veterinary. Mats improve the health of your animals simply by offering better hygiene and more comfort.
  • Environment-Friendly - These mats are environment-friendly too. So, don’t be worried about your carbon footprint.


Our company is regarded as one of the most reliable Parlor Rubber Mat Exporters and Suppliers In India. Call now to order.