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Kapoor Oil Mills is listed among the leading Pig Toy Manufacturers and Exporters of the world. These toys are ideally designed to keep piglets, weaners, sows and finishers happy, entertained, and healthy. With the increase in the global demand, we have successfully catered to the needs of the buyers from America, Oceania and Europe. These toys are of great help as it is seen that the growing pigs can showcase behavioral problems, making feeding difficult.

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The buyers are eased with the availability of the pig chew toys in various sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of the buyers. We have also ascertained our position amidst the reliable Pig Toy for Piglets Distributors. Cost effectiveness and timely delivery have also played a crucial role in the enhancement of the market demands.

Some of the benefits of Pig Toys for Piglets are:

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced aggressive behavior frequency
  • Increased ability to deal with daily challenges
  • Improved production performance


  • Pig Chewing Toy
  • Pig Enrichment Toy
  • Pig Chew for Finisher
  • Pig Chew for Weaner


  • 2 sizes
  • Small for pigs up to 8 weeks
  • Large for pigs above 8 weeks
  • Food grade materials
  • Easy to clean, sanitize and sterilize
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