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Pig Toy for Sows, offered by Kapoor Oil Mills, are a perfect match to the international quality standards. The company is counted as one of the preeminent Pig Toy for Sows Manufacturers and Exporters. The toys for Piglets, Weaners, Sows and Finishers are designed in such a way as to keep them happy, entertained and healthy. Use of food grade material in the manufacturing make the Pig Toy for Sows safe for chewing. Moreover, we are entertaining huge clientele in the regions of America, Oceania and Europe.

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The Toys for Sows are available in different sizes and specifications, meeting the requirements of the application areas. These toys are also easy to clean and sterilize, which further ensure hygiene and healthy environment for pigs. Additionally, these are available at market leading prices and delivered within the stipulated time.

Some of the benefits of Pig Toys for Piglets are:

  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced aggressive behavior frequency
  • Increased ability to deal with daily challenges
  • Improved production performance


  • Pig Chewing Toy
  • Pig Enrichment Toy
  • Pig Chew for Finisher
  • Pig Chew for Weaner


  • 2 sizes
  • Small for pigs up to 8 weeks
  • Large for pigs above 8 weeks
  • Food grade materials
  • Easy to clean, sanitize and sterilize
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