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Being one of the topmost Rubber Ring Mats Manufacturers In India, Kapoor Oil Mills strives to create premium quality products and delivers them to the customers only when they’re perfected to the last detail. In wet conditions, usually reliable surfaces can become slippery and dangerous, which can lead to an injury. Our rubber ring hollow mats come to your rescue in such circumstances. Their anti-slip qualities make them great for providing grip and preventing mishaps related to slippery surfaces. Made from top-notch rubber, these mats are ideal for places where large foot traffic is common.

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Reasons To Buy Our Rubber Hollow Mats:

  • Available For Different Facilities - Whether you want to put them on entrance or in a place where you want to protect your vulnerable products, this mat can do the job.
  • Eco-Friendly - These mats are eco-friendly as they are made from recyclable natural rubber.
  • Safety - Safety is the main benefit of these mats and, they are also suitable for heavy-duty places like crowded restaurants.

Our name is taken among the best Rubber Hollow Mat Exporters and Suppliers In India. We have developed a culture of manufacturing great products and, we plan to always maintain that. Call now to get quality products.


  • Dimension                                                                          : 1mtr x 1.5mtr
  • Thickness                                                                           : 22mm
  • Weight                                                                                : 11.5 - 12kg
  • Container:                                                                           : 1800mats on 28 pallets
  • 20’ Container:                                                                     : 750mats on 12 pallets