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Slat Rubber Mats Suppliers

Slat Rubber Mats have gained huge popularity over the past few years because of its outstanding benefits. If you want to make a purchase or invest in the product, Kapoor Oil Mills is the name to recall. Being one of the most resourceful Slat Rubber Mats Manufacturers In India, we offer our wide range after passing it from several quality parameters.

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Benefits Of Comfort Slat Rubber Mats:

  • Improve Health: These mats offer better cleanliness than the conventional mats, which ensure good health of the animals. Therefore, investing in it would be a great deal indeed.
  • Easy To Clean: Removing animal waste from these mats is easier than removing it from the mats used earlier. This will save your time and ease the task of cleaning.
  • No Ponding Or Dislocating: These mats maintain a strong grip over the slat and don’t move, which minimize any chances of slipping. Also, due to this property, they are able to withstand challenging conditions.

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We are noted among the top-tier Cattle Slat Rubber Mat Exporters and Suppliers In India. We have a comprehensive range of slat mats available at the competitive market price. Send us your enquiry or call on the given numbers to order it now. Our executives will be glad to help you.


  • It provides non-slip & comfortable surface for cattle’s.
  • It prevents stiffness, lameness & swelling in joints which the concrete flooring leads to.
  • Reduces ammonia by up to 50%.
  • Urine from the animals is speedily dispatched to the tank below keeping the animals drier & cleaner.
  • Very easy to clean therefore good hygiene levels are maintained.
  • Facilitates faster run-off & cleaner cattle.
  • Provides animal with safe & confident walking & lying surface, also supports claw health.
  • Provides cushion & support.
  • Provides excellent insulation.
  • Mats are customized to suit all sizes of slat so selection of mats to suit the slat is very important.
  • All the notching & cutting is done during the production process only.
  • Each mat is fitted to suit the individual slats to ensure that the mat stays in place.
  • The mats fit snugly over the slat & will not distort so that the gap between the slats is maintained.
  • Reduction in injuries.
  • The mat promotes a healthy feeding cycle.
  • Durable & improves calves welfare & hygiene.
  • Sturdy fastening system.
  • Compatible with all scraper.
  • High milk Yield & Improves animal welfare over all.