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Move away from making your cattle stand on the traditional concrete flooring and give them the comfort and support of surefoot mats. Injuries and problems like falling, slipping and hoof splitting will become rare. Kapoor Oil Mills is noteworthy as one of the foremost Surefoot Mats Manufacturers in India. Installing our mats in an area can solve the problems arising from uneven and slippery surfaces. If you’re thinking animal welfare, this is the best mat you can find out there. This provides the ultimate matting solution with great surface grip. The cost-effectiveness of our Surefoot Equine Mats makes them an even better prospect.


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What Makes These Anti-Fatigue Surefoot Mats The Perfect Matting Solution?

  • Excellent Traction - The traction reduces the cases of slipping, which significantly reduces the injuries to the cattle or your livestock.
  • Shock-Absorption - The shock absorption quality of the mat also reduces long-term damage to the feet and also makes it more comfortable increasing the overall support.
  • Multiple Roles - These mats can play different roles as they can be used for transportation and as wash bay mats. So, buying them can bring several benefits at once.

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